Governance & Committees

Canadian Leadership Team

The Project Director and Co-applicants make up our Canadian Leadership Team. The Canadian Leadership Team receives guidance from our Advisory Board and from our internal Partnership Accelerator Committees.

Organizational structure of Words in the World. The Advisory Board oversees the Canadian Leadership Team (G. Libben, Chair). There are three subcommittees: The Training Evaluation Committee, The Research Integration Committee, and the Innovation & Knowledge Mobilization Committee.

Organizational structure of Words in the World

Partnership Accelerator Committees

Training: Co-chaired by Buchanan & Järvikivi, the goal of this committee is to develop new training initiatives and refine training targets, coordinate progress in training, lead program evaluation activities, and report on outcomes.

Research Integration: Co-chaired by Jarema & Kuperman, the goal of this committee is to coordinate cross-site and cross-language experimentation, track research advances, and to develop a web-based system to maximize cross-site thematic and methodological integration.

Innovation and Knowledge Mobilization: Co-chaired by Kehayia & Segalowitz, the goal of this committee is to oversee the knowledge mobilization strategies and to promote innovation.


Advisory Board

Patricia Clements

David Dewitt

Kevin Kee

Bernard Linsky

Abe Schwartz

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