Words in the World / Mots dans le Monde

The Words in the World Partnership Grant is training the next generation of research leaders in psycholinguistics. We examine how aging affects peoples’ ability to use language, how languages are learned, and how communication is affected by brain damage. The partnership is making the latest research techniques available worldwide, while also highlighting the wisdom and experience of senior researchers.

Why Language?

The ability to use language is at the core of our lives as individuals and as members of a community. From learning a new language to recovering from a stroke, language is at the centre of how we interact with our environment. Research within the partnership focuses on how we understand and produce language and the ways in which language barriers can be overcome.

Words in the World has 40 sectoral and academic partners around the world.

Our network currently includes over 40 academic and sectoral partners and 60 individual collaborators in Canada and abroad. Our researchers do work in more than 25 languages and 15 populations, using nearly 20 methodologies.

To find out how you can get involved, contact us at info @ wordsintheworld.ca.

Announcements and Updates

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