Presentation Format

Papers presented at Words in the World International Conference 2020 will be presented as oral presentations and poster presentations.

There will be no parallel sessions. The conference will be using Zoom ( for all conference talks and ( for poster sessions (see below for instructions). You will receive an email closer to the event that will guide you through the process of accessing Zoom/ and provide you with the appropriate links. 

We would like to offer an opportunity for you to address all technical questions ahead of time and try out your microphone and test your screen-sharing. To this end, the organizing team will be available from 10 am to 4 pm Montreal time (GMT – 5) two days before the conference, on Wednesday, November 24. The zoom link will be sent to you prior to the test day.

Oral Presentations

In order to ensure that we can keep to the program, please make sure your short talk presentation is no more than seven (7) minutes in duration, with three (3) minutes planned for questions for a total of ten (10) minutes. There will be a couple of minutes reserved between talks to allow for setting up the next one. 

Talks sessions will use Zoom. In addition to the standard option of sharing your screen and delivering your talk live, you have the option to pre-record your talk and play the video instead. If you choose to do this, please acquaint yourself with the instructions here:

In case you choose to present a pre-record video, we would like to receive a copy to guard against possible interruptions due to technical difficulties. Please send us your pre-recorded video by Tuesday, November 23, 2021 by email ( If the file is too large to attach to the email directly, you can use, for example, WeTransfer. It’s free and easy to use ( 

Poster Presentations

Poster sessions will be organized in To this end, we should receive your posters before the conference, by Tuesday, November 23, but the sooner you can do this the sooner we can start organizing the poster rooms.

Please, save your poster as an image (see below for formats) and send it as an email attachment to:

Please use the following subject line: Poster [first-author-name]

In order for us to upload and embed an image, the image must be:

  • in .png,  .jpg, or .webp format
  • at least 1000px for the width
  • at least 600px for the height
  • max 3MB in size

We recommend a minimum DPI of 72, but this is not a requirement. All images will be enlarged to fill the inside of the iframe, so exact dimensions and proportions are not required. Be aware that transparent backgrounds will be filled with a black background.

We will share the Zoom and links with all registered participants by Wednesday November 24. In the meanwhile, please direct all questions and comments to

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