How to Access the Conference

The conference will be using Microsoft Teams to host all conference talks. This will give you an easy way to move between parallel sessions and attend conference events. One advantage of this platform is that it allows us to automatically register you so that you have access to the conference. You have the option to download a standalone application to run Teams or to run Teams from your web browser. We encourage you to download Microsoft Teams, as this will provide better connectivity. Access through your browser may not be as stable as through the application.

Detailed instructions on how to set up Teams and use it during the conference can be found as a pdf here:

All registered participants should now have received access to Teams. Please contact contact the organizing committee at if you have any questions.

Pre-conference test date

We would like to offer an opportunity for you to address all technical questions ahead of time, get trained on using Microsoft Teams, and try out your microphone and test your screen-sharing. To this end, the organizing team will be available from 10 am to 4 pm Toronto time (Eastern Standard Time, GMT -4) the day before the conference, on Thursday, Oct 15.

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