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      Pablo Gomez


      Publication bias has been described as a ‘file drawer problem’ (Rosenthal, 1979), but it can also be described
      as a ‘dirty underwear drawer problem’. We often have idiosyncratic quality control and data stewardship systems that are only informally passed down to younger members of our teams.

      The objective of this collaboration is to come up with a tutorial for psycholinguists based on our collective wisdom for quality systems for the whole life-cycle of our data.

      The guiding principles would only be open data and non-proprietary formats, and an emphasis on the tutorial aspect of things (this topic can get preachy quickly).

      Proposed contributions of collaborators:

      Your solution for quality control for one or more aspects of psycholinguistic research (e.g., corpora, data “cleaning”, data analyses, etc), along with the code you use to carry out those tasks.

      What we offer:

      I would put together all of the collaborations is a cohesive way so that it is publishable. In addition, we could use ML or other meetings to develop workshops on these issues.


      pgomez1 [at] depaul [dt] edu

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