Data Resources

Age of Acquisition Norms & Concreteness norms for 30,000 Dutch Words

Age of Acquisition Norms (English)

ARC Nonword Database – Generate nonwords using specified lexical characteristics.

Baldey: a database of auditory lexical decision – 5541 Dutch words, includes auditory stimuli and associated Praat textgrids.

Chinese Lexicon Project

CLEARPOND Database – Cross-Linguistic Easy-Access Resource for Phonological and Orthographic Neighborhood Densities. Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish.

Concreteness Ratings in English – 40 thousand English lemmas

Dutch Lexicon Project & British Lexicon Project 

Dutch Word Association Database

English Lexicon Project – Database of lexical decision and naming reaction times and error rates. Visual lexical decision experiment uses 40481 words and and equal number of nonwords.

Form Priming Project: A behavioral database for masked form priming

International Picture Naming Project – studies, database of results, stimuli available for use.

MRC Psycholinguistic Database – Generate stimuli lists based on lexical characteristics.

Norms of Valence, Arousal, Dominance, and AoA in English and Dutch

University of South Florida Free Association Norms


Corpora & Lexical Databases

British National Corpus (BNC)

Celex Lexical Database (WebCelex) – Online version of Celex. English, Dutch, German.

Child Language Data Exchange System (CHILDES)

Children’s Printed Word Database (University of Essex) – Series of corpora with site-based search functions, including: Corpus of Contemporary American English, NOW Corpus, BNC, Strathy Corpus (Canada)

dlexDB – German word frequencies. See also The Digital Dictionary of German (

Google Books Ngram Viewer

Irvine Phonotactic Online Dictionary (IPhOD) – Words & pseudowords, organized by phonemes (i.e., as search criteria, number of phonological neighbours, etc.)

Lexique  – French corpus, including word frequencies, phonological and grammatical information, and more. Version 3.


SUBTLEX-CH – Chinese, includes part of speech information




SUBTLEX-NL – Dutch, includes part of speech information

SUBTLEX-PL – Polish, includes part of speech information

SUBTLEX-PT – Portuguese

SUBTLEX-PT-BR – Brazilian Portuguese

SUBTLEX-UK – British English, includes part of speech information

SUBTLEX-US – American English

University of Oxford Text Archives (OTA) – Corpora in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Scots, Swedish, Welsh

Wiktionary Frequency Lists

WordNet – Lexical database organized by word senses, synsets, and word relations


Software & Tools

DMDX – Experiment presentation software for PC

Linger –  Experiment presentation software for language processing experiments.

PsyScope X – Experiment presentation software for Mac

Phonotactic Probability Calculator (University of Kansas)

Worldlikeness: A Web-based Tool for Typological Psycholinguistics – Online wordlikeness judgments for experimenters, participants, and researchers

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