Publications & Presentations

The following are publications and presentations that have been produced by members of the Words in the World network, beginning April 1, 2016, where these works relate to Words in the World themes and are of potential interest to our partners and collaborators.

Items marked with “+” involve trainees as co-authors

Items marked with “&” are targeted toward stakeholders/trainees


Libben, G. (in press). The quantum metaphor and the organization of words in the mind. Cognitive Cognitive Science, 1.

Libben G., Jarema, G., Derwing, B., Riccardi, A., & Perlak, D. (2016). Seeking the -ational in derivational morphology. Aphasiology, 30(11), 1304-1324.

+ Miwa, K., Libben, G., & Yu, I. (in press). Visual trimorphemic compound recognition in a morphographic script. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience.

Smolka, E. & Libben, G. (in press). Semantic transparency and compounding. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience.


Archibald, J. & Libben, G. (accepted). Morphological theory, second language acquisition and bilingualism, In Oxford Handbook of Morphological Theory.


& Invited Keynote: Libben, G. (2016, May). Psycholinguistics as the Generator of Transdisciplinary Questions. Spring Training in Psycholinguistics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.

& Invited Presentation: Jarema, G. & Libben, G. (2016, October). Perspectives on the Mental Lexicon. 10th International Conference on the Mental Lexicon, Ottawa, Canada.

& Invited Presentation: Libben, G. (2016, April). Language, brain, aging, and transdisciplinarity. Rotary Club, St. Catharines, Ontario.

+ Conference Poster: Teddiman, L. & Libben, G. (2016, October). New presentations of complex words: Segmented Binaural Presentation. 10th International Conference on the Mental Lexicon, Ottawa, Canada.

Invited Plenary/Keynote: Libben, G. (2016, October). Words as the Backbone of Language Ability. 40th Annual Conference of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistics Association.

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